Class ThreadPools

  • public class ThreadPools
    extends java.lang.Object
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      static java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService getWorkerPool()
      Return an ExecutorService that uses the "worker" thread-pool.
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        public static final java.lang.String WORKER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_PROP
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        public static final int WORKER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE
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      • getWorkerPool

        public static java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService getWorkerPool()
        Return an ExecutorService that uses the "worker" thread-pool.

        The size of the worker pool limits the number of tasks concurrently reading manifests in the base table implementation across all concurrent planning operations.

        The size of this thread-pool is controlled by the Java system property iceberg.worker.num-threads.

        an ExecutorService that uses the worker pool